Friday, December 12, 2008

3 Bombs go off in Manila

Roach bombs that is! Doug and the boys set off 3 roach bombs today...big exitement! This was a new experience for the boys and me. We left for a few hours and came home to the carnage. Most of the roaches were in the 'maid's room'. What does that say about the maid who lived here previously??? (no, we don't have a maid. We are using the room to store our suitcases. I'm the maid and I get to stay in the master bedroom with my master. Ha Ha) I want everyone to know that I picked up most of the dead roaches. Doug picked up a few because he did not want me to say I picked up ALL  of them and he didn't pick up any. But, let me reiterate, I picked up the majority of them!! Sorry, we didn't get any photos of the event! The best part of having to be out of the apartment was we got to eat out. We found a Wendy's! Our first Wendy's meal since being in the Philippines. It's  funny how things we took for granted and never thought twice about in the States are now big treats here!!  


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